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site rules


In the name of God the Merciful
1 - This forum is based on the approach of Ahl al-Sunnah and Jama'ah, so it is strictly prohibited any posts that go out of this approach or exposure to the Prophet (peace be upon him) or the companions and mothers of the believers, God bless them either by questioning or insulting or insulting or defamation, Violent
2- منتديات اناقة مغربية is a women's forum and does not allow men to register and on each of the discovered male member registered as a female to inform the administration to take the necessary action with him. (The administration has the right to request verification of the gender of any membership that raises the doubts of members and management)
3 - To ensure as much as possible not to put any new topic in the Forum only after making sure that it does not exist in advance, and the supervisor of the right to delete any subject repeated and the member is not entitled to object to it.
4 - Choose the appropriate section for the content of your topic before posting it in order to preserve the forum system and its beauty.
5 - Any subject that discusses management matters should be put in the communication with the department or it will be deleted and not the right of members to object or interfere in the decisions of the administration
6 - Do not put the topics or replies lined up to get rid of a member or the liquidation of personal accounts with it or writing in a manner of shyness and contrary to the literary dialogue no matter how much difference with the member and raise the ethics and discussions ... And each of them issued the above mentioned to the department supervisor deleted replies and alerted, Its membership will be subject to a temporary or permanent ban.
7 - Obligation not to write topics that mention individuals by their names or refer to them as a clear signal and put them in a position of suspicion without being officially declared this act to deny any doubt.
8 - Focus on writing titles that correspond to the subject matter, and the supervisor has the right to change the title format if it is not suitable for the subject or with offensive words.
9 - strictly prohibits reference to the privacy of any member or public figure.
10 - Prohibits the promotion and promotion of external sites without prior permission from the administration of the site, except in case the sites are religious according to Ahl al-Sunnah and al-Jama'ah or non-competitive educational sites.
11 - It is totally forbidden to address topics related to marriage across the net or to marry non-Moroccan or Moroccan and anyone who has approached to open such topics will close directly or move to the trash.
12: Any topic related to niqab or pluralism or any religious issue should be presented in the Islamic section and not discussed in any other section of the forum.
13 - A member must indicate that the topic is moved in case it is moved from another forum. (We encourage the introduction of topics with the effort of the private member We want creativity, not transport)
14 Forum language is the Arabic language so please all members of the Forum virtues use Arabic language known letters and not written in foreign characters, but necessary to preserve the appearance of the unified forum and to benefit and can not be able to write in Arabic can write in foreign languages ​​in the sections dedicated to them.
15 is strictly prohibited to display the means of communication (e-mail - Facebook - telephone ...) in any way either in signatures or in the topics or in any of the boxes for personal data, except with the permission of the forum management.
16 - It is necessary to avoid putting up topics that are dishonest and contrary to religion and customs, although appropriate terms must be chosen.
17 - Avoid the element of suspense in the subject matter and the requirement to obtain a certain number of responses to the completion and any subject put in this format will be deleted immediately.
18 - The member is not entitled to object to the behavior of the department supervisor of topics from the deletion or modification and any query in this regard you can put it in the complaints section.
19 - The site management has dedicated a section for complaints and suggestions. We hope that the members of the committee will be committed to submitting their suggestions and observations to broadcast them and treat them with appropriate solutions or responses.
20 - It is forbidden to put topics of celebration or congratulations or any topics related to non-Muslim holidays (Eid al-Fitr + Eid al-Adha).
21 - You can not register more than one member in the Moroccan fashion forums and if you violate the matter will be banned the second membership with a violation and if repeated it will be banned directly from the Forum.
22 - Identifiers:
I - Stay away from inappropriate names
II - not to use controversial names or the names of criminals as Pharaoh and his branches or flame flame. Devil - demon .. The daughter of the devil ... Imp.
III. Do not use names that do not contain any linguistic meaning or written accidentally .. (Hehasshah, Khsdhajh, Haha, Fashilh .. Etc.
IV-Do not limit the identifier to .NXUMX numbers or postal address codes [Email protected]
V- The names of the men and names that are advertising for another site or commercial company are prohibited without prior permission.
The request for change of names shall be accepted by the administration according to conditions and can not be exceeded.
I-Signature is a personal space for a member to be exploited in the satisfaction of God.
II - the difference of scientists in this prevents the development of images of souls in signatures and in the symbolic images, whether the image of a child or a man or a woman also prevents the development of images that show the adornment of women like the hands of henna henna because of the temptation to visitors to the Forum.
If the member has more than one medal, collect the medals in one signature so as not to take more than the permitted area of ​​signatures.
IV. Be careful that the content of the signature is purposeful and not included in any background of accompanying audio or advertising or images that do not fit the teachings of our Islamic religion and our values ​​and traditions. The administration has the right to amend the dissenting signature and reduce it in case of multiple images.
I forbid the administration of the forum to place any video showing women who are traitors, regardless of their testimony and in any field, or any educational video with a musical background or forbidden songs, and if it happens, it will be deleted and measured against what also mentioned videos that link to the end of the links of illegal and insulting videos. Move the video link independently and to learn how you want to see this link
II. The administration completely forbids all cooking videos, whether by personal or movable effort. Therefore, any subject that is available on a kitchen recipe will be transferred directly to the waste basket.
25 - Infringements:
I- A warning or violation is recorded in the member's file if it is repeated for violation of the Forum Law.
Upon receiving more than one warning, the member shall be subjected to a temporary ban from 3 days to 30 days.
III. A permanent ban shall be imposed in the following cases:
- In case of insistence on breaking the law despite the alerts.
- Non-respect of members and administrative staff as a whole supervisors and observers and administrators.
- Membership of men or dual membership.
26 - Congregations:
(I) Religious gatherings that prohibit the transmission of unregulated and controlled information are prohibited.
The assembly will be closed if the number of pages allowed is 100. If the assembly is an offense, it will be closed for 24 hours and if the violation is repeated for 3 days, it will be repeated for a third time.
IV - Each owner of the pool to use a member or two members to monitor the subject so as not to fall fouls and is subject to closure or deletion according to the previous item.
If you find or notice a contrary or conflicting response, click on the icon labeled "Report" below the post and take all necessary administrative action against the member concerned.
28 - It is strictly forbidden to open topics for fundraising or alms. Only associations licensed by the forum management
29 - If you do not like the forum and its policy and direction, please leave it where you can benefit from the forum materials without registration (except some special sections)
30 - Alert the management of the Moroccan fashion forums on all members not to put their own information to avoid the problems later, so Faye request refers to the limits of members' members will meet rejection has been excused from warning only in the case if the participation will negatively affect the personal life of the member, Requests for suspension of membership are categorically rejected.
31 - The Department may request confirmation of the identity of any member in case of doubt about her gender to ensure that she is a woman.
32 - Please adopt an image center to upload photos, because most of the centers change the image link data. A year may pass by showing you a picture with a "deleted image" or an image that may be pornographic.
33 - Preventing the subjects of asking for interpretation of dreams or visions because there are no people to do so.
34 - It is strictly forbidden to submit topics related to electronic books transmitted in all its forms unless they are by personal effort and any subject that refers to this will be transferred to the basket of assignments.
35 - It is forbidden to put the differences that occur outside the forum between members and any problems resulting from the outside of the Forum does not have any responsibility for the administration.
36 - It is forbidden to put the bilateral issues or that belong to a group of members due to a misunderstanding that may occur outside the forum
- We are all responsible for this forum, so we work to fight the violator of the law and place law
* The laws are additive and amendment, always be aware of the developments. My brothers were told that all the laws were put in place to protect you
Finally, remember my dear that God is a sergeant on you, if you do not see him, he sees you
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