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  • Hummus and vegetables

    Hummus and vegetables

    Chickpeas are in the water before
    2 Tomatoes washed and kept in the husks of those who love acidity can increase tomatoes.
    Casper, Metal and Carves
    Clove garlic
    Meat is minced for small pieces and is best prepared by adding spices to it.
    the oil
    Red pepper (curdling) Turmeric ginger Salt and a few black pepper (apricot) A little of the coriander added to the latter.
    Noodles and flour.

    We put both tomatoes and b
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  • Potato, carrot and bisamel

    Potato, carrot and bisamel

    Ingredients: Potato carrots half a liter of milk 2 tablespoons oil or butter 2 tablespoons flour white salt black pepper (Apzer) grated red fermented method: boil potatoes and carrots chopped in water and salt and a little seeding Bring sauce Bechamel: grind everything once milk And oil or butter, flour and frying
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  • Soup and not all soups

    Soup and not all soups

    Red percussion
    The bulb
    the spring
    Peru (if available)
    Al-Rand paper (Moses)

    We put the whole in a dishwasher of non-precious

    Add water and salt

    We let everyone ripen

    Add black pepper and oil.

    When the vegetables ripen we add cream and mix and grind them all hot.

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  • Nutritionist: These are the benefits of eating "calories" during the month of Ramadan

    There are many different ingredients that are included in the composition of the most famous soup eaten by Moroccans days of the year in general and during Ramadan in particular and daily. It is made up of cattani, pastries, herbs, tomatoes, flour and others that make "sour calories" or "sour calories" the center of the breakfast table during the fasting month.
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  • The whale soup is superb and nutritious

    The whale soup is superb and nutritious

    Ingredients: (can add curators) 6 carrots 2 gestures 2 large potatoes can add sweet potatoes one 4 green squash the same amount red squash 2 onions 2 a few tomatoes celery Knorr whale salt + olive oil + ginger + ginger + little saffron and saffron Average of white fish Habra .. Half of
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  • Chicken soup with vegetables

    Chicken soup with vegetables

    Ingredients: Boneless Chicken Breast 2 Tomato Grapefruit Celery Sticks 2 Potatoes Medium Size Low Salt 1 Liter Water Cooked Ingredients All In Water Lift chicken breast and potatoes and cut them into small pieces and halve the water. A few coriander and parsley chopped salt and pepper, according to the ...
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  • Maven Salty Cake

    Maven Salty Cake

    The older but funniest muffin cake is tasteful and even fit for the owners of sugar.
    I leave you to discover the recipe.
    Filling consists of:
    Small green flake cut into small squares.
    Half a yellow roll is cut into small squares.
    One tomato is peeled and clean of seeds and cut into squares.
    A tin tray of oil.
    The mozzarella is cut into small pieces.
    2 tablespoons mayonnaise
    A few olive green section circles

    All elements are mixed except Zaytara

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  • Green fish soup is great and economical

    Green fish soup is great and economical

    Ingredients (for 2 people): zucchini carrot half onion half tomato seasoning: seeder, salt, turmeric bay leaf (mousse) tablespoon olive oil teaspoon special soya sauce fish lettuce metal and cilantro Chinese lattice cut small limbs Photoes:
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  • Sweet Albbashp fashion Abdel Rahim Berkash God's mercy

    Sweet Albbashp fashion Abdel Rahim Berkash God's mercy

    Ingredients 500 g Semida thin Thin 175 g Sesame (roasted and ground) 175 g butter spoon anise (Nafie) ground half a spoon cinnamon head spoon yeast baking head spoon yeast chemical sprinkle salt water glass cup to knead egg oil for frying and honey and plastic mesh used half of the White Egg Method: Mix the ...
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  • My experience of honey and the sweetness of kraush in the form of a sweet Meal of radio

    This honey from Med Radio is from a fabulous dessert specialist and different in taste from the honey I prepared.
    She recommends that honey should not be any of the herbs such as tea, grains, cinnamon, thyme and others because they release color and honey seems to be full maturity.
    This is a sweet treat for a sister picnic from Tan Tan so she is a dessert specialist.
    For honey in it: Mold sugar and liter of water 2 yellow lemon (sour) cut into circles with their skin and remove them sowing. 2 ...
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  • Turkey Red Lentil Soup

    Turkey Red Lentil Soup

    Turkish red lentil soup Ingredients for two: 1 small onion 1 large carrot 1 small potatoes teaspoon tomato concentrate teaspoon butter 1 tablespoon oil half a teaspoon dry mint or leaf mint soft red cup lentils red lentils a quarter of a teaspoon little salt
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  • I love you

    I love you

    Ingredients and method of preparation: Ingredients: half a liter of milk, a quarter kilo of butter bags 2 chemical yeast flour according to the mixture half a cup of powdered sugar (classical) optional - I did not use it because it will be put honey in the last and do not like sugars too much. Method: Knead the dough well ...
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  • Sweet tongue of birds

    Sweet tongue of birds

    Ingredients and method: Half a kilo white flour (chances) Half a cup of sesame (jinglan) Roasted and ground Tbsp anise (Nafie) Ground m r cinnamon a little free grab Half a cup of melted butter A quarter cup of cast iron water A pinch of warm water to collect the dough A little yeast Bread oil for frying, almond honey and sesame for garnish n
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  • A reddish bunny from my time for Ramadan and my kitchen

    A reddish bunny from my time for Ramadan and my kitchen

    Ingredients: Rabbit washed a good amount of olives, a quantity of chompney, a grain of onions, garlic, minerals, and rice. Spread it in a saucepan
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  • Lemon-flavored honey and easy and successful cast water 100 / 100

    Lemon-flavored honey and easy and successful cast water 100 / 100

    2 kg coarse sugar
    Cinnamon sticks
    A sour lemon and a split orange
    3 points of the spirit of the cast
    1 liter of water
    I put everything in the pressure cooker and close it and put it on the fire as soon as it gathers the self and starts with the yellowing, the narrator reduces it for a minute and turns it off.

    And let it cool down and is ready:
    And we can increase the point of the spirit of the cast after it matures. Dump it in flasks
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