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Your soul and body delivered it to your Creator in your sleep


  • Your soul and body delivered it to your Creator in your sleep

    Human feeling that it will fall during sleep from a high place ..
    Information worthy of thanks to God, O Subhan Allah! Have you ever been with you?
    I was about to go into a deep sleep with happiness and then suddenly I felt like you were falling
    Your body shakes from shock?

    What you encounter is called hypnic jerk. This happens most often during very light sleep when the body temperature drops and the heart starts to slow down and the brain leaves the muscles. The brain creates a small dream in which you feel that you are falling from the top.
    So the next time you wake up in panic remember that you were about to die to stop your body systems from the intensity of fatigue and thank God that he brought you back to life
    What is your greatest, my God?

    2-Second information

    - fluctuate during your sleep

    In the course of sleep, the weight of the human body presses down on the muscles and blood vessels. These vessels narrow and do not function properly, but God has placed pressure centers on the person. If you press the muscles and the vessels under your weight, these centers send a signal to the brain, We pressed, and the brain gives an order to the muscles
    Then the man turns on the other side, and he is asleep,
    Imagine a sleeping person fluctuating on average more than forty times !!

    If a person suffers from hibernation, he must be crucified, otherwise his flesh will break, his flesh will be shed, his muscles will break, and he will not be able to move. Allah says: "We will overthrow them with the right and the north" (Surah Al-Kahf, Verse-18)

    We all know that the people of the cave who stayed in their cave 309 year, if God did not turn them dead after being housed in the cave.

    3- Third Information

    And God if we think about the finer details of sleep to extract us Yes and secrets alone God Almighty .. Hallelujah ..

    - The process of swallowing during sleep, ..

    As you sleep, the saliva gathers in your mouth, a signal goes to the brain. Saliva increases in the mouth, the brain gives an order to the tongue of the oyster, closes the air hole, opens the esophagus, and saliva enters the stomach.
    God takes the man in his sleep to control the swallowing process for him, even if he left him to suffocate and died immediately ..

    - Movement of your heart

    If God has your heart movement, it is impossible to sleep until you control this movement. If the person sleeps immediately, but the heart movement is not voluntary, your master takes it from you, sleeps deeply and the heart beats.

    God takes control of the human in his sleep to control the movement of the heart for his safety, if left to him died immediately.

    One of the knowledgeable said, blaming himself after laziness about the night: Or be ashamed to sleep and your master is based on your service!
    (We have created man in the best calendar) (Surah: fig)

    Forgive me, my father, and her reader, and his parents, and her messenger
    Glory be to Allah

    • fatidusouss
      fatidusouss Commented
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      Praise always and never as it should be to the glory of your face and to your great power
      How ashamed of not to thank the Lord always, so we do not count countless and every day we learn and know the new about them
      What is your greatest, Lord, what is your destiny?
      Thank you very much my sister sister Latifa for this valuable information

    • Mother of Marwan
      Mother of Marwan Commented
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      Good luck, I knew the information I did not know, so God rewarded us with the best reward

    • Hanan Adios
      Hanan Adios Commented
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      Praise be to God and thanks to God
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