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In order to get agility easily


  • In order to get agility easily

    The importance of weight loss and weight loss should preserve the health of the body against many diseases caused by obesity, most of which lead to more serious diseases. In order to maintain public health, attention must be paid to nutrition, physical fitness and physical performance. Daily.

    To get the ideal weight and desired fitness is not difficult, but when you follow some simple tips you can get the ideal weight and maintain your weight.

    Tips to keep your weight
    When you eat, you should eat your meal until you feel full, but not the feeling of fullness. As time goes by, the food will become full and the amount of food will gradually increase, so that getting fit will be impossible. You should be careful to choose the food you eat so that you take into account the calorie ratios that are available at each meal and every calorie you may add to your body, and make sure to eat healthy food that benefits your body while reducing the caloric ratios as possible.

    Do not deprive yourself of food
    You should also not deprive yourself of eating a particular food or feeling deprived, but eat the little that does not hurt you.

    - Get rest
    The body must get enough rest and sleep well because lack of sleep leads to irregularity in the metabolism and thus a defect in the process of burning fat inside the body, which affects the process of digestion.

    - Exercise exercises
    You should also exercise every day for at least half an hour, including walking, running, swimming or doing homework.

    -Psychological factor
    Make sure your feelings are not controlled by your dietary meal. Many women are related to their feelings and mental state of the diet. For example, they are worried about something or work under great psychological pressure or sadness and anger. Her eyes are of food without the feeling or awareness of what you eat and accept the quantity you eat

    Eat healthy foods
    Eat healthy foods that benefit your body and do not increase weight. For example, eating fresh vegetables and fruits is one of the foods that are good for the body, and provide it with the necessary energy and do not contain high calories that may cause loss of body agility.

    - I have breakfast daily
    It also notes that many women neglect significantly in the breakfast due to the working conditions of domestic work or different but known that the breakfast of great importance for a meal and should not be special for women who want to get fit and beauty textures neglected.

    - Do not be musically
    It is also noticed that many women watch them from time to time and make sure to weigh their bodies and repeat the balance to know their weight and compare the increase or decrease, which may turn them to an observer of their bodies, but to know the changes in weight increase or deficiency, preferably by following the body shape Through the virtual form or clothes and note the change that happened to the weight and be climbing on the balance once a week.

    Foods that help you keep your weight:
    You can choose to eat certain foods in order to be fit, and you should choose the foods that are available at your table, and identify the healthy foods that help to maintain this fitness as well as exercise and these foods:

    1 - Fruits of apples and pears

    Considered the fruits of apples and pears are a good source of dietary fiber, it is known that these dietary fiber can help you get a healthy digestive and healthy device, they are working to reduce blood cholesterol, plus they do not contain calories, and given a long-term sense of fullness when ingested, it has shown Several studies have found that eating three fruits of fresh apples or three fruits of pear per day helps them to lose a lot of weight if we compare them with others who do not eat fruit. Recent studies have shown that adding oatmeal to the diet or Make oat cakes And added to the fruit, they contain the amount of dietary fiber needed for a sense of fullness and benefit in getting fitness.

    Egg contains protein, a food that gives you a great ability to saturation, and although many women do not want to eat eggs, but it has an unmatched ability to maintain weight, and proven nutritional research that eating eggs in any form, especially boiled eggs with Breakfast helps maintain the ideal weight and a sense of fullness and provide the body with the necessary protein throughout the day.

    3-Almond beads
    Eating nuts, especially almonds, is a snack in the middle of the day, where medical and dietary studies have found that women who eat nuts at least twice a week have the ability to lose significant amounts of their weight compared to women who have not eaten nuts. of almonds contain only 167 calories also contains 6 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber, and this means that you eat love Luz means you are eating saturated summits amount of food so Tsttiei get fit without the trouble or discomfort.

    4 - salmon fish
    Fish and seafood are generally good for the body. They are a healthy and necessary diet. Fat in foods such as salmon can make you feel full and salmon is also a good source of protein.

    5 - Vegetables
    Eating vegetables suitable for all diets as vegetables such as carrots, celery, spinach and tomatoes contain fiber that helps a sense of fullness and provide the body with the necessary vitamins and energy they are also useful ways to get fit and perfect body.

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