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Interpretation of the verse: (And hit them


  • Interpretation of the verse: (And hit them

    Interpretation convinced me of the meaning: "And hit them"
    It can not be imagined that God commands beating the partner of life in the sense: skin .. This interpreter tracks the word (hit) in the Koran to come in a new sense says:
    I was sure that beating the women mentioned in the Koran can not mean hitting the sense and the general concept,
    Because our religion of this elevation, progress and greatness (the Islamic religion), which does not allow the harm of a cat, can not allow the beating, abuse and humiliation of mother, sister, wife and daughter.
    The interpreter continues his words and says:
    The wonderful meaning of the word (Fadrbohn) in the Koran and interpreted but not as interpreted by others ....
    What does the verse say?!?
    {And those who are afraid, we will win them, and exhort them, and leave them in the beds, and smite them;
    "Through the simple knowledge of Arabic language and its evolution and interpretation, the penalty for women who are against any violation we see in this verse progressive punishment progressive: the beginning be preaching and good speech and advice and guidance.
    If they do not answer:
    Then the abandonment in bed, ie in the sleep family is the second method of treatment and have psychological and educational significance of women and abandonment here in the room.
    The "beating" is not the actual meaning of beating by hand or stick because the beating here is spacing or away from the marital home.
    Since the meaning of the words of the Koran is derived from the Koran itself, we follow the meanings of the word (striking) in the Koran and in the true language of the Arabs, we find that it means mostly paradox and spacing and separation and ignoring, contrary to the meaning now rolling the word (hit).
    For example, beating using a stick uses the word "skin", and beating on the face uses the term "slapping", beating on the back (slapping) and beating with the fist (wk), and beating the foot (kicked).
    And in the dictionaries and language books and grammar if we followed the word hit to see for example in saying:
    (Multiplication of time among the people) any difference and between them.
    And (hit by the siege) that is isolated from its surroundings.
    And (hit his neck) any separation from his body.
    The strike then benefits separation, separation and disregard.
    There are many verses in the Qur'an that follow the same meaning to hit any spacing:
    {And we have instructed Moses to capture my servants and strike them a way in the sea Ypsa do not be afraid of Dorka and do not fear} Taha 77
    I will divide them between the water a way.
    {And we directed to Moses to strike with your stick the sea and Vnflq was every difference like the Great Lord} poets 63
    Ie, stretching between the sides of the water.
    {For the poor who are confined in the way of Allah, they can not strike in the land}
    Any spacing, travel, and migration to the vast land of God.
    {And others strike in the land, seeking the favor of Allah}
    They travel and move away from their homes in order to earn a living.
    {And strike them with a wall of his inner door where Mercy and the phenomenon before him torment) Iron 13
    Any separation between them by wall.
    It is said in the proverbs (beaten by the wall) any neglected and offered.
    The latter meaning is meant in verse ...
    As for the verse that preaches the beating of the wife (Vzuhn and abandoned them in bed and hit them):
    This is a preaching to preaching and then abandoning in the bed and bed, ie, does not combine the spouses one bed, and if he did not find it did not benefit, here is (beating) in the sense of spacing, abandonment and neglect, which is taken by the wise Muslims, and I think it is a weapon for the husband and wife together In the assessment of the self and the family and get rid of some harmful habits that threaten the family entity which is the solid foundation for the construction of the Islamic and human society ..

    • Mai Aouisha
      Mai Aouisha Commented
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      Thank you for this good and helpful transfer
      What we need for such lessons in order not to play words and underestimated them

    • ا Amy.
      ا Amy. Commented
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      Thank you very much .. I have never thought of doing beating in this sense, although we always meet in many other verses .. But we are programmed to understand the beating here in the sense of punishment by violence.

      Good luck my love

    • fatima1988
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      No thanks on duty
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