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For your health and beauty in Ramadan you have dried apricots ..


  • For your health and beauty in Ramadan you have dried apricots ..

    Dried apricots come second after dates on the tables of fasting people who start their fast with a grain of it or from Qamaruddin juice because of its enormous benefits on the health of the fasting person.

    - Moisturizes the intestines and keeps it from inflammation immediately after breakfast, which reflects positively on the beauty of the skin and fights dryness, which gives it moisturizing because it contains both vitamin A and B

    - Provides the energy needed for the fasting person during his fasting period.

    - Provides the body with vitamin "C" necessary for the health and freshness of the skin and the fight against wrinkles.

    - Apricot is rich in antioxidants that work to remove toxins and harmful substances that accumulate in the intestines and digestive system to gain your skin purity and reduces the risk of aging and helps to make the skin look bright and tight ..

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      Yes, it is excellent, but it is imported and it is sure that it has preservatives and can be exposed to radiation.
      Snitch is working now, Hurna Sha Naklo, Snitch is the solution?

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      Information first time heard
      My sister's complaint
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