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A way to polish pots without effort


  • A way to polish pots without effort

    In the name of God the Merciful
    The way to sharpen the pots to polish the dishes and become a new and shine without effort The way you wonder:

    If Bradk burned if the corner became a dusty and a large amount of dirt is a tried method 100% Revert the fridge stainless steel and shiny like a new away from the scrubs and effort.

    All you need: a small amount of hibiscus, a small glass of chlorine, a large plastic dish.

    How to clean an Enox fridge:

    - Inside the fridge, put a quantity of hibiscus to boil and fill the water. After boiling, empty the fridge and hibiscus in the plastic dish, leave the fridge to soak in the hibiscus water, add some chlorine and leave it for a full day immersed in the plastic dish.

    - The next day brought the fridge and used a small sack with a cleaner and pots gently and will find the sure result of cleanliness and brightness and this result used more than a housewife and confirmed the cleanliness of the fridge Enox after this method.

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      um cherif Commented
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      Wonderful idea glandular try it, God willing

    • Deer
      Deer Commented
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      Thanks for the information

    • Mamatrania
      Mamatrania Commented
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      afkar rai3a chokran et
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