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Your son has exams


  • Your son has exams

    "Look carefully at the exam. These classes are required. Attend well." Expressions by the teacher to the students at the beginning of the school year and preparation for the final exams.
    They go back to the house and they all hear these words from their parents: "Have you studied well? It's the final exams ... Have you checked well?" Everyone asks the student for good preparation and excellent review of the final exams, but how should the student prepare well for the school exam? Or the official certification exam?
    Some students are not able to start reviewing, and often delay their work. Others are very nervous about the idea that they have tons of lessons to review and do not know where to start. A class of students begins the review without planning or a course of action. And the date of examinations, increasing their tension and anxiety day after day.
    What do specialists recommend? How should they organize the exam review period?

    1 - Pre-preparation for revision checks:

    Before starting the review period, the student must, before completing the school grades, start preparing all necessary supports.

    - Review the lessons you missed during the semester, and if there is a vague question to ask the professor of material to help him understand, so will not have difficulty in understanding or conservation, when the work begins in the period of review.

    - The achievement of what is not accomplished or is not clear or did not record the notes of the professor or explain it adequately, and ask his colleagues observations that they made.

    - Develop business cards or memos, summaries or diagrams, each linked to a specific lesson, help the student to understand, and save quickly.

    - Identify websites that can help the student to fill learning gaps, especially sites that explain mathematical and physical concepts, or those that help students learn the methodology of analyzing literary or linguistic texts, or learn grammar, grammar and Arabic or foreign language, and many Currently, assistance is provided free of charge.

    - Put a file for each article, including notes and exercises, and the order of these files, this organization of the materials helps the student to arrange his knowledge and information, which makes his thought organized during the start of the review.
    If, for example, the exam takes place in June, the student must start this organization on the spring break or the month before the examination week. The student has time to organize the lesson files and browse educational websites and choose the ones that explain his lessons.

    2-mode review program

    The school is over, and the student has a long day to review, but he should not start his work before he sets out a clear program for his review mechanism.

    - Calculate the number of days available for the student for review, without counting the week of examinations, and then a list of lessons to be completed, and this applies to all subjects.

    - To set a timetable for the lessons to be delivered during the review days and to start the older lessons, rather than the most recent ones, that is, starting with the lessons he received at the beginning of the school year if he / she will take the high school exams and the beginning of the last semester if he / she is a regular school exam. He should follow the course of the course, because he often needs to remember the concepts he learned at the beginning of the year to accommodate subsequent concepts.

    To distribute the topics he has studied every day, the student should:
    - Start reviewing the hardest items either early morning or at the end of the day.
    - Switch between materials during the day.
    In preparing for the high school exams, the student should not devote a full day to one subject, such as spending his day reviewing mathematics, and the next day by reviewing history. Rather, he will change the subjects during the day. For example, he will review a chapter in mathematics and then a chapter in physics ... Less time in reviewing each article, and thus will easily memorize the various materials in his memory.
    - Include in the lessons if the student is studying one subject, exercises, reading the text ... It is also preferable to allocate more time for materials with high markup.

    - Setting a precise and specific plan, for each hour, or better every half hour, and determine the hour that starts in the morning, and the hour that stops the lesson for the evening, not to be after eleven o'clock at night.

    3-Lesson during the review days
    There is nothing more about the student's pre-programmed program, but it also has to organize itself:

    - Choose a quiet place encourages the lesson, in which the student reviews daily, setting the place saves time by moving books from one place to another every day.
    If they are suggested by their review friends together, they must make sure they are determined to take the lesson. If they all move to a place where they study (for example, a mountain house), they must ensure that amenities are available, such as bedrooms, meals and a study desk. They do not mind studying side by side, but each one of them is reviewed alone, so they can take a break together while eating their meals.

    - Start working at a specific hour in the morning, be in the early morning, and set the stop time for the lesson in the evening, provided you are not late, and the student to sleep well 7 hours a day at least.

    - Be sure to stay focused, be by sitting at the office, and turn off the mobile phone, so as not to distract from the contacts of others, or look at its social networking sites, and not spend a long time to accomplish one subject, because the human can not focus more effectively than 40 to 50 is accurate in the same subject. So the student should take a rest of 5 minutes. He has to take a deep breath, rise from his chair, drink a glass of water, hear a little of the music, then return to his work. However, if the student feels that he has been expelled from the subject, he has only to change the article so as not to waste time.

    - Relax before the day of the exam: the student should not try to review everything he studied before the day of the exam or an hour before the entrance to the exam, this is a mistake committed by most students, which explains the forgetting material during the exam. The reason is that when they surfed the material an hour before the exam, they just took the exam and only remember what they read at the last minute, so their minds are distracted during the exam. So all students should relax before the exam day, prepare all they need for the exam and sleep deeply.

    4 - What about a student who has difficulty in archives such as history, geography or science?
    Educators and educational psychologists emphasize that the more a person uses his memory, the stronger he becomes, and the more he uses his memory, the better he will work, and the more flexible he is, the better he will perform.

    These 7 tips to review the archives effectively:

    - Desire to save:
    Students are better informed about the answers to questions they ask themselves. For example, he reads the information and asks the question himself, and answers himself.
    - Understand the information:
    Memory works within a network and starts from what you know to establish links to new information. Understanding the information will be by asking the five questions: Who? and what? And when? Where? And why?

    - Structuring information: It is easy to save information when it is organized. The brain map known as Mind Mapping allows the following:

    Clarify and organize information from a key idea.
    Formation of directly understood information.
    Make an effort to create communication between information.
    Identifying patterns of conservation in memory: The principle is to determine how one can translate information and keep it in mind. We all have our favorite ways of keeping the information we receive. Some of us memorize words, read them, write them or refer to them in the book page, while others memorize them aloud or low, some of us linking the information with reference points. While others keep information as he walks in the room back and forth, ie when he moves. What is important is to determine the effective method of conservation, but at the same time to enrich it and integrate it with other elements to be more effective. The best is to combine all these different patterns (visual, auditory and motor) and complete them with diagrams, diagrams, numbers, and cards to understand the ideas needed to be memorized.

    - Exercise to remember: In the evening, if the student uses the brain map we mentioned earlier, he can pass the lesson ideas in the form of a card.

    - As Einstein said, imagination is more important than knowledge: so it is always useful for the student to review or study by imagining the position of the lesson, such as imagine while memorizing the lesson or information that he followed in front of the class or before the teacher, when Einstein wanted to invent his equivalent In theory of relativity imagine himself riding light beam.
    - Sleep well: After the student can save the lesson take a nap ranging from five to 20 minutes, to keep the information in memory.

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