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Let's say Ramadan is the last Ramadan


  • Let's say Ramadan is the last Ramadan

    Peace, mercy and blessings of God Almighty

    The assumption of Ramadan is the last Ramadan, a very realistic assumption, how many owners and acquaintances were with us in the previous Ramadan and are now the owners of graves ... Death comes suddenly, and no one returns to the world after death never ... He said: "Even if One of them came to death, said the Lord of Arjun: "Let me do good, while I have left neither the word of it, nor the sign of it.

    Returning from death is impossible and all those who die wish to return, if it is offensive to repent, and if it is better to increase ...

    So what if we died at the end of the next Ramadan ???? !!!

    In any event, we would like to return to the fasting of Ramadaan in a new way that will be more useful in our graves and the last ... Let us imagine then that we are back to life. We took a last chance to beautify our lives in this last month, to compensate for what we missed during the long life, Prepare to meet the mighty king.

    This is the feeling (the assumption of Ramadan next Ramadan last), which succeeds with our preparation and work, God willing, in this holy month ... Not pessimistic as some may think, but this is a driving vision of work and motivation to give and sacrifice and giving and creativity
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