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Application of the law of God


  • Application of the law of God

    Justice and equality are among the most important characteristics and characteristics of the system of government in Islam, which is very much the spirit of Islamic civilization, which ensured the continuity and civilization despite the factors of exhaustion and attempts to end, the secret of survival and immortality, which missed all other civilizations, and the scale of growth and upgrading And then fall and the courtyard, and did not apply this measure to the Islamic civilization, where no era of the ages of history has been executed many models and practical images at the individual and collective levels that constitute the real security windows, which can be overlooked by everyone who wants to return to Which is the justice and equality brought about by Islam.

    The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: "There is still a sect of my Ummah based on the truth that does not harm them until they come to Allah." The issue of achieving justice and equality on the level of behavior in life comes as a result of a conviction that the sovereignty of God, The values ​​that people try and control their behavior are from the status of the Creator, the Knower, the Wise, and the recognition that the creator of man is better informed of the approach and values ​​that bring happiness to him and guarantees him justice and equality. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

    Most of the evil and the purity of life and the loss of justice and equality inherent in the human tendency to decay and sovereignty, and the domination of human rights, and that this authoritarianism took throughout history various images and practices, and the reality of one, sometimes took the form of racial discrimination, color, Sectarian, partisan, tribal, tribal, or sectarian. Others may wear religious attributes and practice intellectual terrorism in the name of religion and its men.

    And domination is authoritarianism. Therefore, it is impossible to stop this domination and achieve justice and equality only by the sovereignty of God and the legislation in his hand, and thus only bring people out of the worship of slaves to the worship of the Lord of the people, can not imagine a mind that gives the creature himself the right of sovereignty and divinity, And its limited age, and its occurrence under many influences and multiple, the legislation comes from a minor and verified for the benefit of his class and his class and his party or his community exploiting others and tyranny on the other.

    Therefore, the belief that the sovereignty of God, the legislation in his hand, and the values ​​of his status of the first facts and the beginnings in the Islamic perception that can not be achieved justice and equality without them also .. Hence we can say:
    It is not complete faith of the believer unless he believes it, and seeks his effort to inform the people and convince them and to defuse the situation in the work to apply it in the lives of people, because the arbitration of Sharia and resort to it is a natural fruit, and a matter necessary for the process of faith first as we have said; And discipline on the scale remains a case without evidence, and the contrary to his saying was like the self-reproach, and many in our Islamic world of those who are called the names of Muslims, who became their craft playing principles and manipulation, and the death claims to apply Islamic law in the lists of committees, And to tamper with the emotions of Muslims from procrastination and to apologize for jealousy of the nation by presenting important and serious issues in the priorities of research and discussion, as if the search in the application of Sharia is not an important issue.

    Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): "No, and your Lord will not believe until He rules you among the trees among them, and then they will not find in themselves embarrassment,
    And we do not find ourselves needing to stand at the meanings of the verse because they are verses of the court, which is unambiguous and similar, and there is no room for interpretation or compromise; and who claims that he believes in God and then tried in what he can not the law has occurred in error and shame.

    Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): "Do not you see those who claim that they believed in what was revealed to you and what was revealed before you? They want to be tried to the tyrant and they have been commanded to disbelieve and the devil wants to mislead them astray away." (Women: 60) Religion equal to everyone, but the ability to highlight and enforce it vary from Muslim to another according to its location and potential,
    Hence we say:
    The implementation of the law of God and the implementation of its borders must have Islamic power, and the application of some provisions by some individuals themselves or others with regard to the Muslim Sultan, from the enforcement of sanctions, etc., can be classified in the framework of understanding is not right and Of the Islamic response to the Sharia provisions ..

    And we believe here that the per capita letter of mandate to evaluate himself as a ruler practicing what is not legitimate, but to work on the existence of the Muslim authority, which is committed to the implementation of the meaning of the application of Sharia has been very natural to coincide with the demand to apply the law of God in the world of Muslims in all aspects, Political, social, cultural, judicial and moral, with the movement of the Islamic tide after these long years of bitter experiences, and the strange and the difficult journey of oppression, injustice, colonialism and domination, and after wasting the energies of Muslims and wasted their dignity, and ripped their people, and ate their resources, and fell prey to their enemies, The rule of their Islam, which was the cause of their civilizations and their historical existence in practice, the lack of authority, and put aside and excluded from the areas of life and organization until it began to justify philosophies, and imposed on them the laws and laws are not assigned to them, which ensured survival and continuity is the harbinger of colonialism, These pterosaurs moved into the postcolonial era.
    Either to go to society and dissolve in it and not to return to Islam and extinguish the effectiveness, or the processes of rejection and condemnation and the skin of society .. Which prevents the Muslim and his job in the process of the communication indicated.

    The superiority of faith is immunity within the social battle does not mean by any means of arrogance and arrogance and lift from the people and escape from the arena, but means humility and soft side and flexibility and away from the rudeness and arrogance that helps the devil to keep people away from Islam and leads to the negative contribution to the denial of this religion and its followers.

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