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  • The chopsticks and the no-france

    The chopsticks and the no-france


    Half cup of milk
    - 3 with kaukau reddish with no crust and marmalade
    - Half a cup of melted butter
    -3 The cyst of oats
    - A small spoon of the spirit of the fanny.

    Mix the milk with the sugar and mix with the melted butter and butter
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  • Tips for getting rid of the dark circles that are formed around the eyes

    Tips for getting rid of the dark circles that are formed around the eyes

    Dark circles formed around the eyes are evidence of the human body and these dark rings arise around the eyes due to lack of drinking fluids and lack of sleep and the lack of vitamins and minerals, especially iron, in the body, according to Deutsche Welle (Deutsche Welle)
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  • Recipes of coffee for the beauty of face and body

    Recipes of coffee for the beauty of face and body

    Coffee is not only one of our stimulant and favorite drinks, but it can be one of the amazing nature components of beauty that we can incorporate into our daily routine of beauty.
    Let me share with you some of the great homemade coffee recipes for face and body.

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  • Castor oil for hair

    Castor oil for hair

    Castor oil contains a wide range of minerals and fatty acids that are essential for the growth of strong and healthy hair, used thousands of years ago by Egyptians for hair health and it is still throughout the day.

    Castor oil for hair growth:
    Castor oil has regeneration properties, it can help stimulate
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  • Benefits of olive oil

    Benefits of olive oil

    Nature is the first human pharmacy, resorted to it over the past centuries and found health and wellness, and with the evolution of life and methods and the science of leaps of human led to nature away somewhat, increased problems and troubles, while we still have the natural means that have sank many.
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  • Creoish beautifully

    Creoish beautifully

    Moved to profit

    Since we are on the outskirts of Ramadan Virtually came Bakriosh beautiful and very sophisticated, we hope you like

    -3 Zlave flour
    -1 Sweet Thistle Butter
    - Salt Brush
    -2 Senior Vinegar Extract
    - Water flower to collect the dough
    For decoration:
    Honey and Zangel

    Preparation method for Creoosh:
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  • Secrets of pleasure in your kitchen

    Secrets of pleasure in your kitchen

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  • Solutions to excess jealousy between spouses

    Solutions to excess jealousy between spouses

    Jealousy is the main reason for the existence of love between relationships, but must be limited because the jealousy at the same time if exceeded the required limit will turn into an unlikely doubt on the husband and wife To avoid the feelings of this excess jealousy that hurt the parties and thus hurt the relationship between them,
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  • Benefits of Eggplant for Regimens

    Benefits of Eggplant for Regimens

    Fruits and vegetables are characterized by a large percentage of water and low calories, which contribute to weight loss and eggplant of vegetables, multi-valued nutritional, taste wonderful and multi-ways to prepare him to be a meal that the Arabs in particular in their dishes.
    It features
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  • Dwaz Attai fan

    Dwaz Attai fan

    -250 GR Butter
    -3 EGGS
    -Gice Kissan Sugar
    Gog Kisan oil
    Yeast and Vanilla
    Small Cup Vermezel Chaklatt,
    And flour according to the mixture,

    Nkhlto Kalshi and we work Quirat Mendoza face Dialha Vsnida and press on it Balrchm and punctured the center Bzabna Bach Nzino The latest Balklat and enter the Meryn Tayeb Neemro puncture Balchklat and health and comfort
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  • Genoa
    by lovely sister


    6 eggs
    Cup flour
    Half of the Maizena Cup
    Sugar Cup
    1 Khmer
    a pinch of salt
    After cooking of the best. Abandon it. Nightfall. Bash makes it easy for you
    Cut them on the 3 and water them. Balseiro. Lee is: water cup with sugar cup epilepsy duration 10 d
    Decorate your way ...
    27-12-2018, 20:03
  • List of names for girls of the Koran
    by Sam and 2015
    You will call on the Day of Resurrection in your names and the names of your fathers .. So do your names .. "
    So I suggest some names inspired by the Holy Quran .. Choose your child a name from the Koran ...

    Aasal, Aseel, Ala, Ayat, Iman, Boshra, Bahja, Tammam, life, humbled, Dania, Duaa, Zakia, Flower, Saba, Dhiha, Dia ...
    10-12-2018, 00:02
  • How to raise your children without beating
    by Sam and 2015
    The education of children has several methods and recently spread educational awareness among parents and the media has become interested in this awareness to change the culture of old methods of education is beating children when they make mistakes because it is a very failed method has been proven this over the years because of the negative that occurs in ...
    09-12-2018, 22:56
  • Your soul and body delivered it to your Creator in your sleep
    by lovely sister

    Human feeling that it will fall during sleep from a high place ..
    Information worthy of thanks to God, O Subhan Allah! Have you ever been with you?
    I was about to go into a deep sleep with happiness and then suddenly I felt like you were falling
    Your body shakes from shock?

    What I have encountered is called hypnic jerk and this happens most often
    29-10-2018, 20:27
  • Berköcch Palme
    by lovely sister

    500 Cooked Wheat Barcooks
    4 AUDI Spoons (melted butter with zeitra)
    Roasted and salted almonds
    20 Oil Argan Oil
    200 G Honey
    To apply:
    10 SAL AUDI (melted butter with zeitra)
    10 Oil Argan Oil
    100 G Honey

    Cook couscous by steam according to the basic recipe ....
    29-10-2018, 19:16
  • Seasonings of Marozia
    by lovely sister
    Ingredients - 2 Clamping Clamps 2 Clamping Nuguera - 2 Psepice Clamping - Large Hanging Pagan - Large Suspended Roses - 6 Cloves Kernels - 2 Cinnamon Sticks - 2 Grapes Yellows - Half Suspended Small Free Grizzles - Half Suspended Small Saffron Free The way the ingredients are slightly grinded and grated and kept in a glass vial until use
    13-08-2018, 22:07