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  • Whitening skin with lemon

    Whitening skin with lemon

    Many women seek a fresh, clear, flawless skin. Lemon contains citric acid, which works to whiten the skin naturally, maintaining pH balance for lasting glow.

    Among the benefits of lemon it helps in the treatment of acne and eliminates the effects of acne annoying and gives the skin freshness and luster There are different ways to apply lemon on the skin,.
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  • Tips and steps in how to care for winter skin

    Tips and steps in how to care for winter skin

    The skin in the winter is dry and pale and cracked, including the hands and lips. However, there are a few steps that can cure these problems only if you decide to take care of your skin and to analyze and to devote a little of your time to get the appearance attractive and bright even in the cold winter days.

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  • violence against Woman

    violence against Woman

    Since the creation and throughout the ages women suffer from all forms of violence and various means and methods, whether moral or verbal, or physical, and this phenomenon is still present today, although the divine religions reject violence.

    Islam will raise and preserve its right
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  • Interpretation of the verse: (And hit them

    Interpretation of the verse: (And hit them

    Interpretation convinced me of the meaning: "And hit them"
    It can not be imagined that God commands beating the partner of life in the sense: skin .. This interpreter tracks the word (hit) in the Koran to come in a new sense says:
    I was sure that beating the women mentioned in the Koran can not mean hitting the sense and the general concept,
    Because we have
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  • Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel

    Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel


    People moved unconsciously from:
    (Not recognizing Israel)
    to me ???? Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel) !!

    This is how framing and successful control of minds

    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

    * Very cool analysis reveals how to deceive our minds media! *

    Goebbels' theory (German propaganda minister)
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  • Al-Aqsa Mosque is now without ears

    Al-Aqsa Mosque is now without ears


    There is no power but from God

    A little while ago, the House of Awqaf in the city of Jerusalem lost control of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in full.

    The Al-Aqsa Mosque now has no ears, no imam, no worshipers.

    Oh God, we will give you the maximum
    O God, we complain to you of our weakness of strength and the lack of our tricks and weakness on ...
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  • The outcome of the attack on "Al-Arish Mosque" in Egypt rises to 235 dead

    HSPRIS - follow 24 - NONBER - 2017 15: 00

    The number of victims of the terrorist attack on Friday, Al-Rawdah mosque in Arish in Egypt's northern Sinai governorate, has risen to 235, a new toll said.

    ; Nabil Ahmed Sadiq, the Egyptian Attorney General, announced that the ...
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  • Tile for celebrations

    Tile for celebrations

    MARCARIN 250
    2 KISSAN SUGAR SUGAR CHLSI is equivalent to 150 GR
    Small cup oil
    2 EGGS
    Small sweet yeast
    The flour is almost 800 gram

    To decorate
    Black and white
    Loz Meharmesh
    200 Gram Dates paste
    Almond almonds

    I served the butter and sugar of my kidneys by the hand of Meziane and then added the oil and the vanilla until the mixture was mixed with the eggs
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  • "The tragedy of Essaouira"

    "The tragedy of Essaouira"

    The tragedy of the death of 15, a woman of the Sidi Boualam group of the Essaouira region, and the injury of five others seriously injured on Sunday because of the stampede of more than one woman at the moment of distribution of some food items, .
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  • Simple sewing ideas

    Simple sewing ideas

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  • Genoa
    by lovely sister


    6 eggs
    Cup flour
    Half of the Maizena Cup
    Sugar Cup
    1 Khmer
    a pinch of salt
    After cooking of the best. Abandon it. Nightfall. Bash makes it easy for you
    Cut them on the 3 and water them. Balseiro. Lee is: water cup with sugar cup epilepsy duration 10 d
    Decorate your way ...
    27-12-2018, 20:03
  • List of names for girls of the Koran
    by Sam and 2015
    You will call on the Day of Resurrection in your names and the names of your fathers .. So do your names .. "
    So I suggest some names inspired by the Holy Quran .. Choose your child a name from the Koran ...

    Aasal, Aseel, Ala, Ayat, Iman, Boshra, Bahja, Tammam, life, humbled, Dania, Duaa, Zakia, Flower, Saba, Dhiha, Dia ...
    10-12-2018, 00:02
  • How to raise your children without beating
    by Sam and 2015
    The education of children has several methods and recently spread educational awareness among parents and the media has become interested in this awareness to change the culture of old methods of education is beating children when they make mistakes because it is a very failed method has been proven this over the years because of the negative that occurs in ...
    09-12-2018, 22:56
  • Your soul and body delivered it to your Creator in your sleep
    by lovely sister

    Human feeling that it will fall during sleep from a high place ..
    Information worthy of thanks to God, O Subhan Allah! Have you ever been with you?
    I was about to go into a deep sleep with happiness and then suddenly I felt like you were falling
    Your body shakes from shock?

    What I have encountered is called hypnic jerk and this happens most often
    29-10-2018, 20:27
  • Berköcch Palme
    by lovely sister

    500 Cooked Wheat Barcooks
    4 AUDI Spoons (melted butter with zeitra)
    Roasted and salted almonds
    20 Oil Argan Oil
    200 G Honey
    To apply:
    10 SAL AUDI (melted butter with zeitra)
    10 Oil Argan Oil
    100 G Honey

    Cook couscous by steam according to the basic recipe ....
    29-10-2018, 19:16
  • Seasonings of Marozia
    by lovely sister
    Ingredients - 2 Clamping Clamps 2 Clamping Nuguera - 2 Psepice Clamping - Large Hanging Pagan - Large Suspended Roses - 6 Cloves Kernels - 2 Cinnamon Sticks - 2 Grapes Yellows - Half Suspended Small Free Grizzles - Half Suspended Small Saffron Free The way the ingredients are slightly grinded and grated and kept in a glass vial until use
    13-08-2018, 22:07