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  • Spread freckles on the face

    Spread freckles on the face

    Many girls suffer from the appearance of freckles, which usually affects light-skinned women, and are small patches in which the color of melanin concentrated from the rest of the skin cells, and melanin is the dye that gives a color of the skin, most girls who have light skin suffer from the emergence of these signs
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  • Shneike Raaaaaa

    Shneike Raaaaaa

    Dough Ingredients:
    - Flour blasting
    -2 tablespoons milk ghee
    -an egg
    - A large spoon of oil
    -2 tablespoons of sugar or more as desired
    - a teaspoon of butter
    - Half cup of milk
    - A little instant yeast
    -1 Chemical Yeast

    How to prepare the chic
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  • Courage, honesty, honesty ... values ​​of strengthening them in small as the stone in stone

    Courage, honesty, honesty ... values ​​of strengthening them in small as the stone in stone

    Respect and courage, love of work ... human values ​​that we think are human instincts, but no, but the skills we have acquired since childhood, how do we teach the child to discover these values ​​and realize its importance in life? How can values ​​be transferred that will enhance children's love of work, effort and respect for people ... What are the characteristics of values?.
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  • Moisturizing Mask ...

    Moisturizing Mask ...

    To prepare a natural mask to nourish and moisturize the skin, mix one egg yolk with a tablespoon of sweet almond oil: Add a piece of avocado and a tablespoon of honey. Apply the mask to your skin, leave it for about 10 minutes, then rinse it with lukewarm water.

    If your skin is mixed or greasy, replace the yolk with whiteness.
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  • Easy to use

    Easy to use

    Good evening

    Within the Ramadan fasteners, a new form, a proposal today, my elegance is a simple and wonderful, easy and wonderful series, I hope you will like it.

    For quantities
    - Fourth mascarin dissolved
    - Half a liter of warm milk
    - Red wine
    Half cup of cast water
    -2 is a useful metaphor
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  • Eliminate oily pimples around the nose area

    Eliminate oily pimples around the nose area

    The blackheads and blackheads on your nose appear natural, especially if your skin is greasy or mixed. For this reason, I advise you not to touch these skin impurities, and to take good care of cleanliness. Hygiene is the secret of freshness, helps you to adjust fatty secretions and prevents accumulation of dirt that stifles pores.
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  • Stop wearing bra during sleep immediately .. Doctors warn you!

    Stop wearing bra during sleep immediately .. Doctors warn you!

    The bra is an essential part of every woman's clothing. It is hard to be laid off. Despite the risks many women have learned, they can not imagine their appearance without wearing a bra. But it is OK when wearing during the day time sporadic provided that the length of wearing about 12 hours per day,
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  • Caramel tartate

    Caramel tartate

    For the dough
    -60 G smooth sugar
    -1 egg yolk
    - Sweet yeast pinch
    - Salt pinch
    - Surrender as needed

    -500 cold milk milks
    -2 is attached to the top Mizina
    -2 Senior Sugar Disinfectant
    - Vanilla pinch
    -200 غ سكر نديروه كراميل

    The way
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  • You will not pick up the "Silvi" from the right side anymore .. Here's why !!

    You will not pick up the "Silvi" from the right side anymore .. Here's why !!

    Australian psychologist Anoka Lindel revealed that the best person to take the silvie image is the left, not the right, despite using 10% of the world, the left hand to write.

    In the details, Lindel, after conducting a study on 200, proved that taking the picture from the left side appears
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  • For long hairwomen how to wash your hair

    For long hairwomen how to wash your hair

    Arab girls boast long hair until they take their share of hair and yarn, but the real crisis that causes the female when washing it always makes them wonder about how to wash long hair.

    The method of washing long hair is important to pay attention to him because the use of improper methods may cause
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  • Genoa
    by lovely sister


    6 eggs
    Cup flour
    Half of the Maizena Cup
    Sugar Cup
    1 Khmer
    a pinch of salt
    After cooking of the best. Abandon it. Nightfall. Bash makes it easy for you
    Cut them on the 3 and water them. Balseiro. Lee is: water cup with sugar cup epilepsy duration 10 d
    Decorate your way ...
    27-12-2018, 20:03
  • List of names for girls of the Koran
    by Sam and 2015
    You will call on the Day of Resurrection in your names and the names of your fathers .. So do your names .. "
    So I suggest some names inspired by the Holy Quran .. Choose your child a name from the Koran ...

    Aasal, Aseel, Ala, Ayat, Iman, Boshra, Bahja, Tammam, life, humbled, Dania, Duaa, Zakia, Flower, Saba, Dhiha, Dia ...
    10-12-2018, 00:02
  • How to raise your children without beating
    by Sam and 2015
    The education of children has several methods and recently spread educational awareness among parents and the media has become interested in this awareness to change the culture of old methods of education is beating children when they make mistakes because it is a very failed method has been proven this over the years because of the negative that occurs in ...
    09-12-2018, 22:56
  • Your soul and body delivered it to your Creator in your sleep
    by lovely sister

    Human feeling that it will fall during sleep from a high place ..
    Information worthy of thanks to God, O Subhan Allah! Have you ever been with you?
    I was about to go into a deep sleep with happiness and then suddenly I felt like you were falling
    Your body shakes from shock?

    What I have encountered is called hypnic jerk and this happens most often
    29-10-2018, 20:27
  • Berköcch Palme
    by lovely sister

    500 Cooked Wheat Barcooks
    4 AUDI Spoons (melted butter with zeitra)
    Roasted and salted almonds
    20 Oil Argan Oil
    200 G Honey
    To apply:
    10 SAL AUDI (melted butter with zeitra)
    10 Oil Argan Oil
    100 G Honey

    Cook couscous by steam according to the basic recipe ....
    29-10-2018, 19:16
  • Seasonings of Marozia
    by lovely sister
    Ingredients - 2 Clamping Clamps 2 Clamping Nuguera - 2 Psepice Clamping - Large Hanging Pagan - Large Suspended Roses - 6 Cloves Kernels - 2 Cinnamon Sticks - 2 Grapes Yellows - Half Suspended Small Free Grizzles - Half Suspended Small Saffron Free The way the ingredients are slightly grinded and grated and kept in a glass vial until use
    13-08-2018, 22:07