Spinach lamb curry Spinach meat

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  • Sheep meat, I am a technician, I like the recipe of the potlet
  • Spinach is best frozen as it gives a different cheese, please do not use canned
  • Casserole of Bazaar of Urinary Paste, Large Curry Powder, Cumin, Beans, Chives, Wafers, Syedna, Mousa, Bead Hill, Municipality Oil, Didial, Casserole, Basmati, Masuratosh, Tomato, Ginger, Mezewoods, as desired.

How to prepare

Image Ingredients
As usual, they copied the first part of the oil painting
We were adding the bulb to a non-grilling
The spinach was added, we add them, and we give them a cup of chicken, so that we can finish the spinach to me until they move to Mazyan without stopping the stirring. The heart is able to get up to 10 minutes
We have added aromatic Nkelioha and once again Nroyo without stopping stirring
The meat and niglio kalchi were once nerio and niglio kalchi were added for 15 minutes
Nzidu enough and Ntsnaw even boiled
And lack of wellness Mzian and give him the best Khatero for an hour and a half to two hours
Meli is 20 minutes, there is Nederu Ksrono where water is Nghlioh Meziane and Nizdou Rose with my best name is 8 minutes
Malima was stoned to the point where Shweitout Haha and his companions remained in Meziane and Diwaniya. Wellness to the maximum degree and want to evaporate for 10 minutes not more
The net is full of cliché we offer for health and comfort

The recipe recipe as oil and oil can be provided to people I Azaz you and occasions like reddish to face a little Benin Vahahaha very wonderful and I give you all the secrets Bash believe to you because Morocco Hanna spinach Guy Kshrmlohm to Gerptoham Bahad method sure Gtansao Carmelhohm


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