Salty crisps for a deliciously flavored pastry

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  • Ingredients:
  • Ingredients: A cup of water, a cup of oil mixed between olive oil and regular oil, and one can use one quarter of a tablespoon of salt. A small spoon of mousard, depending on your need for a whole egg. A teaspoon of soybean oil. Decorating: Zerara of your choice. I brought together flax seed and janglane

How to prepare

In a bowl, mix the oil, water, salt and moth
And mix and add the flour until you get a wet dough palms relax the bash volunteer me
In the meantime we mix the butter and mezzina and prepare the fat mixture after the dough is sliced, using the dough as a paste on the dough with a lot of dough, the dough is thick and brown, and the face is mixed with the butter mixture. Add the layer of the dough and the dough is long and cut on "sections and each section. And spread Zrara and divide the squares or rectangles or triangles or shape I left him
Wandkhloo of the oven on a nice fire in the case of the Cookie
One-third of the dough underwent a growth of shapes
And provided them with health and comfort


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