Triangles with shawarma filling

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  • Chicken longitudinal section - onion unit packed - 3 finely chopped garlic cloves - large hanging chowarma seasoning - town oil - salt
  • Dough: half a kilo flour - a large suspension of butter - Senida - yeast dough - a small salt - we collect it with warm milk let it rest a little
  • Mayonnaise Sauce I need a large hanging mayonnaise + a large suspension Danone natural + half-sour juice Mix all

How to prepare

As for the chicken stuffing, we mix all the non-oil and lay it down for a whole night. I found it from the morning. I drank the spices from Meziane and cooked them on a nice fire after we gave them the municipal oil.
Daba Melli We found the chicken, the dough and the sauce and were found until the fermag was cut
Mendoza for the preparation of triangles Dialna We start the dough and cut large circles and Nderu filling the chicken center and above the mayonnaise sauce and from the Faramag Hawkuk
We collect the sides of the dough
And form a triangle
Ndhnhm bleached with the milk and the extent of Nescafe Shedham Meziane Bash Maitloch you
And they are good in the plain and here are the triangles of our dialects and the two


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Blessings to God on the sharp Macha God

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May God bless you or Elias

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God gives you wellness my love

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God bless you in my sister Toda I frankness Tnshirha A possible but possible Diri: M SKINJUBER + M Cinnamon + 3 Cloves Almqruq + Almond Almkouk and can not be enough Basknjber and cinnamon is the task