American muffin delicious

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  • Ingredients for 6 Mavens:
  • 190 white flour
  • A cup of milk
  • 80 Non-flavored butter
  • Half the sushi of the dessert yeast
  • بيضة
  • 1 FANI (or a teaspoon of liquid foliage)
  • 90 G SUKER
  • Caramel flavor (optional)
  • Salt spray
  • Chips of chocolate

How to prepare

Image of components
First mix the sifted flour with yeast and salt
In another pot, put the egg with the sugar and the fennel and move a little with salsa only
We move until we feel the melting of sugar
Add milk (and optional flavor)
Then add the melted butter
Then add the flour
Mix well until we get homogenous consistency
Sprinkle two tablespoons of pre-cooked butter, sprinkled with flour and cut into chocolates.
And to the oven at the temperature of the cake (180) for 25 min (or according to the oven)
Here is their heart of the Malls and Dhanthmh Chawe Balnabag
And this form of the above and below

I finally found the recipe that I liked for the muffins or the kapik. It tastes delicious and very moist and crispy from the top.

Good appetite


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