Madeleine with raisins and fruit with a chain

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  • 3 EGGS
  • Sugar Cup
  • Oil Cup
  • Fruit Juice Cup or Orange Juice
  • 100g raisin section
  • 100g Fruit
  • 15g sweet yeast
  • A bag of vanilla sugar
  • Flour according to mixture

How to prepare

Image Ingredients
Mix the raisins and fruit with a pinch of a little flour and leave them on the side
Mix eggs, sugar, sugar and vanilla well
Add the oil and mix well
Add the juice and mix
Add the flour a little bit until we get a mixture like a cake batter
Add the yeast and mix
In the end we add raisins and fruit with a mixture and mix
Place the leaves in a mold and place the mixture in half
Add the Madeleine to the oven at 180 until cooked
After maturity, take it out of the oven and let it cool
Bon appetite

Simple steps to prepare Madeline


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