Madeleine Apple

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  • 100 na flour
  • 100 Non-Durable Butter
  • 2 EGGS
  • 70
  • 8 non-yeast candy (yeast unit)

How to prepare

We do not find the ingredients of our dialect and netwaku on God
Cut the apples in thin slices and run them in a saucepan spread with butter and rub it with sugar and let it into the oven.
In the tenderness of the egg we mixed the eggs with the sugar Sinde Meziane returned we add butter with the titration We add the raw materials flour and yeast and mix all
Here the mall is painted with butter
Pour the mixture into our dials in the Madeleine and Ndiroux containers. The unit of the unit or the mold of the pastry is greased with butter. What is the aroma of the mold?
Madeleine Diyala was found


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