A cake for young people

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  • 100 G Almond
  • 100 non-lattice formations
  • 250 G butter
  • 250 G SUKER
  • 400 is accurate
  • 4 EGGS
  • 150 N shape black croquer
  • 5 Top Spoons Water
  • Half cup cream liquid brushes

How to prepare

Peel almonds and peel and then grind it the first time and the second time with sugar
Scrape the butter and leave it cool
We beat the eggs with electric grills well, the almonds were ground with sugar and mixed with manual grinder
After that we add poetic formations
Then we taste the cream
Then we sprinkle the yeast on the flour and place it on the mixture
After that, we take a small cake on a plate or a big cake as desired.
We filled it with the mixture after you let it into the oven
We get black shapes
And his scars in the bathroom of Mary and then add water to him and put it directly above the fire and continue to stir until boiling
After you add the cream and brush and continue stirring until it boils and then let it cool completely
After baking a cake from the oven, we remove it from the frying pan
This is the final form
We put the mixture in a mold after placing a mixture on the face and its final shape


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