Coffee cake and croutons

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  • 4 EGGS
  • Sugar Cup
  • Cass oil
  • Cold coffee cup
  • Crashed cup of cassava
  • A bag of vanilla sugar
  • Sweet yeast bag = 15g
  • 2,5 until 3 is accurate by exact quality
  • Salt pinch
  • Used cup = 225ml

How to prepare

Image Ingredients
Mix the sugar, egg, sugar, and salt
Add the oil and mix very well
Add coffee and mix
Add the crickets and mix to blend with the mixture
Add the flour a little bit until we get the required density
Add the yeast in the latter and mix
Pour the mixture into the tawah, sprinkled with butter or greased, and sprinkled with flour
Add it to the oven heated at the temperature of 180 for 22 up to 25 minutes or until cooked by the quality of the oven
When leaving the oven leave until cool
Then decorate as desired
Bon appetite

The cake is very tasty with the taste of coffee and walnuts


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