Peaches and raisins

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  • 3 EGGS
  • Grape Cup Sugar
  • 1 Fannie or sugar flavored with orange blossom
  • A quarter cup oil
  • A cup of almonds moisturizing the whole night
  • A mixture of rosemary: (janglins, nifty, sweet bean) and raisins
  • 1 Yeast Dessert
  • Flour by mixture (approximately 750 g)
  • Water melted in. Nescafe or cocoa for fat
  • Half teaspoon salt.

How to prepare

Image of components
Egg whites, senida, Fani, dopindida, nazidu, and Meziane
Nzidlo almonds including the flower of Diallo and the seeds and mix all
We add the flour so that it is soft and soft until it softens, and it still remains as a paste
We knead the dough on the 3 and form the 3 and we try to squeeze them a little
We add them with the mixture of water and cocoa, and sprinkle them with a brush, and we follow them from the jinab and from the toothbrush.
We put them in a dish, a cold oven, a nice fire, and the door is still frozen, and we watch the cooking until even the fries of the frieso grow.
We are going out and cover it with a handkerchief and a mazeer, and let it cool down and cut it with a knife. We try it. The oven is red and the cooking is very good, the mulberry is reddening from the side, and it turns red on the other side.
And here is our Faqna found no people what we miss :-)
We criticize him and we present him with love
To keep it, I ran a plastic food cake and was covered with a food film and I paid it.

First of all you know the first time Hadi my life as the son of the falcon.
Second Rah Maa Kibbanish Sopto Guy curiosity Haha.
Thirdly, what is the most important stage for me is the chopping, because the phone is small. What is important, what Fkstnish final praise God.


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