The whale is sauteed with sweet potato, beans and ghee

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  • Large whale (any type available)
  • Sweet potato
  • Beans + Pepper
  • 2 onion seeds section lengthwise
  • Sweet Red Pepper (Paprika)
  • A tomato
  • Teaspoon = cumin - ginger - fermentation - broth - dry tuna - kruvite powder
  • Half a teaspoon = Ebzar - Thyme

How to prepare

Image Ingredients
Aromatic picture
Put the tajine over a low heat until it is heated and add the oil
Add onion to oil
Add the beans on the onions evenly
Add the sweet potato over the beans
Add the whale (fish) above the potato
Add the eggplant above the whale
Add chopped tomatoes and circles and pepper a long clip
Mix the aromatic with a small water cup
We distribute aromatic over the tajine
Add coriander and parsley with two pieces of spinach over the top
Cover the tajine and leave on low heat until cooked
Add green olives over the tajine, leave it a bit and rise on the fire


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