Shawarma with Crepe

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  • Ingredients of chicken filling: large onions + 3 garlic cloves + m. Spicy chicken shwarma + hamburger chicken or baby strips thin and mannese
  • Ingredients of CREEP: 3 OILS + PEN MILK + 200G MINOR + 3 M K OIL
  • The Shawarma Sauce: Ga

How to prepare

Mix the chicken filling
And drop it in the refrigerator and the extent of what lies behind Mezian lying
Windo for Crepe Mix all in the blender
And this crepe diyala is found
Ntibu Crepe is our solution
Daba Nadozo for the next stage and Nasaobo Shawarma Dhalna Nhzu chicken Diyalna Lekdna and Ndrohh Mtqlp sweet on the fire Mhaila Bash launches water, who shows the white Nzidu Lih 2 oil with the oil and let it be good until the Mezian dried water,
Nadooo For the Shawarma Sauce we mix natural danone, mayonnaise, half-sourdough juice, bizarre, cornisho and fermag.
And Daba Neemro Crêpe Dialna Ndirou Chicken and Nzidou over the top D Cornisho and skewed
We increase the fermag
We are using it in the case of Gadi.
And this crepe diyala is found

Health and comfort


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