Fish in the oven with green sauce

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  • Hadi is a way to take it in the fish tajine Easy and delicious and possible Derry any whale available You have walked in my condition in the picture I have already tried the same way with Pisces Hibra and other species Dial Pisces Ktji Tmnmp and terrible
  • - The fish available to you with mushrooms with ordinary water, aloe vera, garlic, mineralus, fermentation, cumin, acid, and oil - potato, sliced, currant, same caramel, whale chute, minted package, green onion, chopped 2, finely chopped tomatoes, half cup, half-sour juice oil

How to prepare

In Mullenx we grind the metal, the pepper, and the half cup of olive oil, in a bowl of salt, with salted leeks, and in the end, zidi on the sour sauce.
At the Kiddel Mall for the oven, cut the potato circles, add a tart, and squeeze the whale over it
Put green sauce
And enter it to the oven and cook well and drink without cover, where not cover the lid and even the potato as a good non-fire and leave it good on her mind and Mtnasaysh protect the face of the fish
Health, comfort and Mtsaunish of your prayers on the backs of others to the mother of the sick God heal all patients of Muslims


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God is the father of you

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God Bless you on my lap I tried today Ja delicious God give you Doc Aldat

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God heal Ike mother

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Blessed be God on you to float a dish Kishhi God gives you health and heal the healthy mother and fit your children and bless them.

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