The thickness of the bonita in the fern

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  • How do you know the kind of fish you have, but only a few fish are satisfied with it in terms of pleasure, and in that you are stupid to eat it in an unhealthy way.

How to prepare

We choose the thickness of the bentita, filtered from the salsole, and decorated with the whip of the whale, olives, rings and peppers, the colors of the fish, in the olive oil, za'atar and fermag, with a thick onion.
The first thing Nefreshu in the mall is a lid of onions
Dip the fish in the form of a boat and drop on the peppers colors and then olive and spread thyme and fermag
Cover the whole with other thicknesses and pour the sauce over the fish above and enter the oven so that the broth and broth the broth, onion and sauce, and bring the health of the food I accompanied Balberi Diyala potato rings fried onion


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Lili Habiba Grubi even with sardine Keeji Zouin