Chicken Mushroom with Rose and Fermesil

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How to prepare

Quantity of chicken according to the number of people large onion Almzdhh Almnazh seasoning made up of salt and cactus and cinnamon and knife Jbeir and preserves a small cone Fermsil moisturized in cold water cedar peppers olive color onion clip in the form of rings onion other thick liver dried chicken with tart acid and a sheet of Moses salt and zinc And Abzar
In Kokout Nisbo plain chicken Dialna and Nqlio with onion and Nzidlo Tuval and Minnos and Roi to measure only add half a cup of water and fill the broth and put on the fire is very incomplete and once time we move Cush Bash Melchas Lina
In a frying pan, grind the onion with salt and oil until it is added. Add the peppers, colors, olives, stirring, and increase the eggs and clean the liver. To be small pieces, divide the mixture on the 2. First half, add the dripping rice, and mix and drip, while the second half is added to the Chinese noodles. Sauteed with rice and fermesil in a single dish and communal how they enjoyed
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