Dial bread is a flour for whole wheat, oats and natural yogurt

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  • Wheat flour, whole wheat flour, whole wheat flour, whole wheat flour, whole wheat flour, whole wheat flour, whole wheat flour, whole wheat flour.

How to prepare

First, mix the yeast with sugar and waterwax, mix them and knead them on the side of Kondero's reaction. Wheat flour with oatmeal, thin semolina or lofino + salt + natural yoghurt, then add the mixture of yeast and sugar, knead it with water, daffy, knead the dough and give it to a lot of markhov, After we call him Tani and Ndiro dick oil we enter it, the dough is a mezzanine and its bacon is cooked at least one hour from a distance, as if it is made of kiwi, and its fattening, and after it is kamiru, after it is a kandero, a sprinkler in it, water, and bread, spread it, and sprinkle it with bread, and sprinkle it with water. Mine درنا فلجين كندخلوه فران واحد 15 دقيقة وانشروه تانى ونخليه أطيب عادي وباحتكم كيجي رائع
The same amounts I give you
Here is wine
After what was found the rest of Sakhoon

It is necessary to spread the bread with normal water, good for the first time, and to slow it down


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