Roscous with orange juice and blackberries

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  • 3 small eggs or large 2
  • Small Sugar Cup
  • 1 small orange juice cup
  • 14g Dessert Yeast (Baking Powder)
  • a pinch of salt
  • 4 Spoons (Sesame)
  • Flour according to mixture and quality

How to prepare

Image Ingredients
In a vase, mix the eggs with salt and sugar and vanilla well
Add the sugar and mix well until the sugar dissolves
Add the oil
Add orange juice
Add the schnitzel (sesame) and mix
Add the yeast (baking powder) and mix well until it fits into the mixture
Add the flour slowly until the paste is firm
Place the dough in a plastic food for a little rest
The dough is shaped like a dumpling
Fry in hot oil over low heat
Turn it on the other side until it turns red
Serves either a pillow or a pillow decorated with sugar

Roscous is easy to prepare and very delicious and crispy


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