Rice with meat and vegetables

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  • Rose (rice)
  • Meat cut into small cubes
  • Tom Tomatoes
  • A tomato cut into squares
  • Coriander and parsley are cut
  • Bead drawn small squares
  • Islands clip small boxes
  • Zucchini (corgettes) cut into small squares
  • Jilbana (peas) + Lobia (Paso

How to prepare

Image Ingredients
The first step we climb is half-cooked rice
Rinse and pour cold water on it
Put it on the fire over the amount of boiling water to complete its maturity on the steam
Put the oil in the pot and add onion and garlic and let it brown slightly with stirring
Add the pieces of meat and salt to the pan and stir all
Add the tomatoes, coriander and parsley and close the pan for 3 minutes without stirring
Add the aromatic and mix well and leave it for another few seconds on low heat
Add a small cup of boiling water and leave until the meat is cooked
Add the vegetables except the sorghum korgettes because they ripen quickly
Add the green korea (corrugate)
Leave all on low heat until all are cooked and dried from water
Place the rice after it is cooked in the serving dish
Put the meat and vegetables over the rice
Mix well until the rice is mixed with vegetables
Bon appetite

Note: Meat can be replaced with chicken or any other type of meat or fish and add any kind of vegetables.


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