Samousa Indian or Pakistani rice

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  • Ingredients We have a pair of dough and dough ingredients
  • Pastry We need urgent flour KAMON grain vegetable oil hanging milk milk to collect the dough
  • Stuffed potatoes with a small onion
  • Aromatic Masala Small Pomegranate Salt Izzar Dried Ground Garlic My Garlic Pasta Tomato and Ginger

How to prepare

For the first time we found the dough, and we put the flour in the oil
To meet Meziane and add milk and water and collect it is composed of non-moisturized, not dalcrawish
Let her relax
The fillings were created
Grilled potatoes
Ndiru Bula and Kamoun moved up to the drum of the bulb
Nzidu Aromatic and
Narkko Kalchi and once Neroyo Bash Mahathrk aromatic to take Hkda
The potato was nzidou
We move until the aromatic potatoes have been smuggled and their leaves are spawned
The dough was rattled by small kuiras
Spread it in the form of a circle and cut it off
The Neroyo aspects were also to Gondero suppressed and glued with water
And we are humiliating them and we are in a state of mourning
And Nebado, Nealro, and Mavafeld;
And Nbadu Nsdou Malfuk
And managers have a base
They were vanquished
Health and comfort I gave them with sweet red pepper sauce and chickpeas and salsa
Here is a close-up Kijio McMullen and Atacalo heater purses

As for the leaflets as a reference to the time you had Malfadl Turquohem fold them on 3 and back Torqhm Kijio wonderful I was a little Zerbana Morphmhm wish you like the recipe can be Tmrohm Kfta until it is Katji Ghazala I ran them as a prime meal could be found not as a snack


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