Peach jam from my hands

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  • Peace be upon you, my feelings, how are you, and how do you work with Shi, God's Witnesses, have mercy on our weakness today, get you the delicious peach jam .. How do you know this season, Diallo, and there is a lot and the price is diallo, we have God, 5, dirhams, and possible more, or less, depending on the type and quality of course.

How to prepare

In the coca cola mix with the senida and the acid and their bells let go an hour or more I was just a minute in their cell and I lit it and the calico beat the 20 minute with the stirring time and tachino
It is possible to give up the ways of Keeji Shaklo Zuwain until he and I have a dari with two knots. In my case, I have something that I do not grind.
Here is a fash where I ran the sugar and Khalito until Sero releases me in it
Here is Fash Badato the first
It is hot, of course, age in the villages of Muqmin and Sadi Meziane and their hearts on their mouth and their palms until they cooled Bahad the way to a long time and not in Balakar without spoiling
Health and comfort
Greasy bread bread without the butter of the municipality in a rural way free Haha Note the same way for the martyrs of the Shahidah I hope to pray for my mother for a speedy recovery God reward you good And my children with goodness and success, but likewise, God willing


ikramhaniin - 2018-05-22 17:29:18

May God keep you alive, and your children will heal you, and I will keep you safe

Umm Abdullah 87 - 2017-10-16 18:54:43

It gives you health and the Lord heal your mother and enjoy the health and fit your children and enjoy your righteousness and goodness