Minced meat pie

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  • Dough: White flour + salt + spinach + olive oil + yeast bread and warm water, filling: onions + sweet green peppers + minced meat + coriander and metalos + seasoned olive oil and olive oil, grated egg and cheese , To decorate yellow egg + a little jingle

How to prepare

Knebdi Fetkhdir filler, a frying pan put minced onions + table oil palm leaves minutes increase the green pepper cut and Almzbr and metal and then the meat and then spices and olives Let us all mature
Remove the filler until it is cold
We move to the dough we combine the ingredients with some
Parmesan bash pie pie light
Let the dough roll with the holes in the pallet and insert the filler
We work over the stuffing of boiled, grated eggs and grated fermag
Garnish with strips of the remaining dough and sprinkle the pie with a yellow egg and sprinkle with reddish chicken
You can use poppy seeds, sannogs or white sesame seeds
And here are the protections, O store
They can be accompanied by juice or tea

I have experienced and admired you, fast and Mfihash many components and saturated you can do any filler as your favor and your health and your patience Habibati


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