Lettuce juice

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  • We need it, Danone, milk and sugar

How to prepare

Ingredients of lettuce juice: 3 Chips of cucumber, chopped and finely chopped, sliced ​​and cut into small slices 1, small, washed, cut, chopped, small, pints of milk, cold. NNUMX, Danon, with the flavor of pastas, Turn the cliche into the refrigerator and bring it to the refrigerator, cool and provide it with health and comfort (see pictures below). Since we were talking on lettuce, we thought we would offer you the amounts of power that everyone would like and think about in the days of the youth: 1 Lemon oranges, or more oranges 3 Small saucer * For decorating: Sugar, sugar means coli or so-called soft sugar cinnamon powder. Serving, lettuce leaves, dip lemon slices, add sugar as a platter and a large spoon of cinnamon, and provide it with health and comfort.


ikramhaniin - 2018-05-22 17:11:13

thank you very much sister

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God gives you health my sister juice healthy and refreshing

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God gives you health sister

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God gives you health my love .. Healthy juice and delicious Pine .. Thank you for the recipe.

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