Delicious metal sauce

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  • Peace be upon you, my fiancee, the sauce is a terrific and horrible dish, like a dishwashing with grills, pans, meat in the oven, or stuffed vegetables, and you can mix them with your chocolates and greens, until you cook the panini, the potato or the sandwiches for me as a cook for your children and your important family.

How to prepare

A tinned metal pin, a small mottard, which can be used only for one quarter of a quarter cup of oil
In fact, the amount of your eye will remain your balance according to the choice of my boughs only as a salty and acid to me fragrant
The chopped metal was placed in Molnix and Zaidi, which was covered with mullet, salt and vinegar
And cook and cook as the oil is so juicy that the mixture is mixed
O peace is a terrible taste ..

I wish to pray on the back of the unseen to my sons with success and prosperity


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Peace be upon you and your sister, my God, make it in the balance of your good deeds

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God bless you my sister

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God bless you with your bolids

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Praise be to God, may God bless you, God willing

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God willing you have a nice sister creative God bless you

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May God bless your health, my sister, I am honored by your passing on my humble description

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God gives you health and love, God bless your children and reconcile them

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Amen and all of you, Aziz and Gali Khito

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Allah gives you health and gives you threats. God bless you .. Bayaneh Delicious and sure Ghnjrbha God willing.

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God preserves you for the arts that you do not try

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Bain on them the grace of God gives you health and appreciate the value of Ntafd her refrigerator? And the shaded as valid keys?

Warda Wardia - 2017-11-02 21:04:08

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Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings God gives you health Louisa Ta I like sauces

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My Lord, I protect you, my sister, Amina, Shehale, dear, dear, we hear Louisa from your mouth, thank you for passing, and finally, my recipes.

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saadasaida, decorate your days, and elevate your shrine to my sister

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