Foliage-shaped butter

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  • Pie mixed with potato and jhezo, boiled, peeled, chopped onion, cucumber, mayonnaise and cherry sauce, to decorate

How to prepare

Kontplo Chlabid How to custom spring and Azzar Cumin and Mayonnaise and salt Knkdwa plastic Alnadsoh Lshih circular frame and Qnadao Nest above the first of the rosette after the glut of the potato potato and Khizu after the layer Dial Dialysis Barbeque after the layer of thin Dial Diala A section of the circles of peppermint puffs as they took the presentation dips, cut them from the top and turned them so that the rosettes of the capsules of the window and the plastic of the food and the face of the Mayonnaise diluted milk milk and Kznkoa Balktchp in the form of a foyer I am a rose and a rosette crusted to cut off and health and comfort


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