Orange Smoked Fish A delicious onion mix

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  • Fish is a delicious and orange-scented fish

How to prepare

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In the skewers, place the fish, olive oil and salt. Leave the mixture. Meziane explains until it is almost dry. Return the leaves of Liz Al-Azzar and Al-Madanius. Then the orange juice is stirring.
In the same frying pan, add the onion and pepper. Add the salt, cover them, and let them water
Combine the fish with onion and pepper sauce and sprinkle with a variety of oranges as desired
Bon appetite


ikramhaniin - 2018-05-22 17:16:45

God gave you health is delicious

The flower of Cardinia - 2018-02-14 01:37:43

Easy and fast Haha sure and delicious God give you health

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Mmmmmm! Salou Riouki Haha God gives you health

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