Shake my way

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  • Avoca one grain
  • So I am Fanny + Banana
  • Milk is enough
  • Go to sweeten the avocado
  • Nuts + Raisins + Biscuits + Biscuits + Caramel or honey or sauce for decoration
  • Fruit sliced ​​thin apples + Banana + khaki grain

How to prepare

In the name of God we review the amounts in the picture
As usual, the oven is cooled and grated with a banana
We grind the avocados with milk and enough dates to replace them
At the bottom of the decorating cup, put a little mixture of flakes
Then add the fruit to me made by small truffles and a few nuts
Fill the cups with avocado mixture and sprinkle with nuts, chocolates and biscuits as the picture shows. In the latter, lay the lines of honey or caramel.
Health and comfort

I wish you the prayer of vulva on the back of the unseen


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May Allah bless you with good health

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Blessed be God, for the sake of Rana, I have changed the veil until we call the call

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The Zoeina Method

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Blessed be God, you are my sister, elegant and elegant, healthy and sure, delicious

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