Raffis Kalila

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  • First of all, to prepare the roasted parsley, it is necessary to have a roaster and a quantity of planting, butter and thyme. This is optional.

How to prepare

We put the plant with a spoon or two of the oil and we do the cake with the purification of the nucleus we put the mixture with planting and we mix well with the addition of a quantity of butter and in the latter we add thyme crushed and this as I said Ikhari and here is how your life and your appetite good and health and comfort

A healthy food for the woman


Um Elias and Osman - 2017-10-26 18:44:15

The first time we hear Bahad eat God bless you and give you health as a diet for healthy eating Lina Taahna Mashi Guy Nviseh Harkah

Umm Abdullah 87 - 2017-12-03 15:26:58

God preserves you like a healthy eating

Rural free - 2017-10-14 17:46:21

God bless you and God gives you health my sister, I wish I had pictures of the stages was better.

Umm Abdullah 87 - 2017-10-14 23:14:40

God gives you my sister