Rojev poori Indian

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  • Gauzy water. Normal, delicate water, fino, mixed with freshness

How to prepare

Image Ingredients
Nadiru Ka'a Nafshaf Fatha
Mix the cliche until you get a cohesive dough with a moisturized michonch and overhangs
Let him relax one hour, and afterward we will fight him, and cut him two small ways according to the size.
I am a small young dirham
They were vanquished and nurco, but they were scattered with their souls
To the specific to eat as a non-negligible, the teacher did not turn the birds and Zolhm to December with their honey honey until Ahtmro Kijo Makramlein
Net health and comfort I gave them with curry vegetables, Gao magnificence and sweet pepper sauce

We hope you like the bread or the Indian nationals, ???????????? Kisses


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God bless you my sister

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God bless you and your recipes Ghazala

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God gives you the health of you as you travel to us each time with your recipes varied and good. God Bless you .

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My Lord save all my beloved Shnohia Sweena Zein What did you understand? Kneleb Lake saw it on the curry seasoning We receive curry symbols

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Welcome to the month of Zein Zhoktini Zwein term in the case of Moulato Lord save you

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