Chicken with rice in the oven

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  • Chicken weight 2 Kg, Sour fate, Gellasi rose, Hrissa, Spicy margarine, Salt, Apricot, Skingpier, Olive oil, Garlic, Clove and Almondus, Olives, Cutted chicken liver

How to prepare

P port as a mix with some components
We keep a little padding
Nemar hen and its sack Mizyan
We do it with chopped onions, a little water to cover and put into a oven (about an hour and a quarter). Stuffed me, I kept a clean mouth, a little water and water, and we do a good job.
After an hour and a quarter, the chicken is topped with butter, butter and saffron.
Here is health and comfort
Accompanied by potatoes in the oven and the Rose Lee Toub Bohdo
Keeji stuffing is phenomenal

As a recipe today, you get your satisfaction and to the forum, God willing


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It is certainly delicious

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