Harsha in the case of dialect

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  • 2 Zlaym thin thin, small cup oil (can be used or olive oil mixed with a pair), a teaspoon of salt, a spinach, a little bread yeast and 2 two bags warm water

How to prepare

Candose semolina
And we will plug the plug with some
Try to combine the mixture using only fingers (Metajnash only learns)
Shufu form the mixture
We work with circular loops / only bash takes a rounded circular shape
Spread a medium semolina over a slicer or a tray or a baking tray and try to simplify the dough
On the other hand, the heavy mortar is on the fire as heat
We go back to spread the semolina, and we keep the hands of the hand in circular movements,
The movement of Kizid is simplified without fingerprints and Fataib Keeji one color
Every time a shortage of fire and flatten Ramai and prove the Jnab gown and turn it continue to Hkha until it suits the risk / medium fire
You can cut it in any form and you can accompany it with any need as you like it

Kantemi recipe get your satisfaction Bahad amounts and the way I taste it as the account Mashrih Mashi Dial Dar, to the Forum, God willing kisses


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