Pizza with minced meat

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  • Dough: White flour, salt, sugar bush, olive oil, fermage, yeast bread, warm water
  • Stuffing: Minced meat, thin onion, sweet green pepper, green olives, seasonings and cheese

How to prepare

In a pan as an onion, oil, meat, seasoning / fash, there is a mixture of palm fronds
Mix the ingredients of dough with some of the dough kneaders
Slice the dough with the flour. We make circles with the knife, punch the dough, cut the tomato sauce.
Download the padding
Clean the olives
We try to collect the sides for me with their fillings (you can use the huge cheesecake cheese)
Place the grated cheese into a medium oven
Fash ok, we come out and descend from the lattice and it is hot (Bash Matari from the bottom)

As a recipe recipe get your satisfaction and to the forum, God willing


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