Raw cakes from my hands and kitchen pictures

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  • 1kg accurate
  • Oil Cup = 200ml
  • Sugar Cup = 175g
  • Cup red and grated zangelan = 100g
  • Sweet yeast bag = 15g
  • Spoon eat bread yeast
  • A little salt = taste
  • Crushed orange peel
  • Warm water to collect dough = according to quantity

How to prepare

Mix all dry ingredients together
Then add the oil and mix well
So let it become this way, then add warm water until the dough is collected
Rub the dough well (in the first, the dough will be clogged in the hands, but after it turns into a wet, cohesive clammy)
Leave the dough a little rest
Then form as desired
Figure II
Figure III
Leave the cakes to ferment for an hour and then paint a singer egg and enter the oven on the temperature tray 130 until it ripens
Cakes are ready, good appetizers

The raw cakes are easy to prepare and have a wonderful view and taste.


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